Hi!  I’m AN illustrator and designer Jun Park


With over 30 years of experience, Jun Park is an award-winning illustrator known for his unique blend of design expertise and artistic skills. Spanning various categories from Retro/Deco to Fine Art, Jun has provided creative visual solutions for a diverse international clientele.

An honors graduate from OCAD, Jun serves as a director at Toronto Art, dedicating his time to art education. Beyond his digital work, he creates captivating fine art pieces using charcoal and oil paints.

Jun’s retro illustration style, transporting viewers to the thirties and forties, has earned him 4 Gold awards from the Communication Arts Annual and 3 from the Society of Illustrators of L.A. His impressive client list includes names like Hawaiian Airlines, Orbitz, Necco, Safeway, and more.

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What was your inspiration for your Retro Illustration?

The WPA graphic style for posters was one inspiration. In addition, the Art Deco style was another, which has a more radical usage of geometricism, tension, and agitation from the juxtaposition of forms, fragmentation of images, abstraction, rationalization, and simplification. The art era I was most influenced by was the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.

Is there a specific colour palette that you enjoy working with?

I love working with the aged, faded 1930s poster colours simply because they are more muted than today’s vivid and vibrant colours.

Does your graphic design sensibility of problem-solving play an essential part in your illustration work?

Yes, it does. I create work that grabs the attention and translates the raw idea into the classic retro environment or bold and simple approaches.

What is your philosophy?

For me to do retro art, it’s always the trend; that is how I fit in. In other words, from my viewpoint, what’s classic is always new.

My awards

Society of Illustrators Los Angeles

Illustration Awards

communication arts of excellence

4 - Illustration Gold Awards

Canadian association of professional photographers and Illustrators

CAPIC Illustration Awards